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I got a funny one!

I met Pepper a little over 2 years ago thru a friend of mine I was living at the moment with. When I met her I liked her cuz' I saw she was a really cool person and very fun to be around.

But for the longest time I had no bloody idea she was a recording artist (I'm not THAT knoweldgeable in Cleve music scene as I thought, am i?), until last year she gave me a copy of Bad Stars. Only THEN I found out she was a recording artist (and a good one). Only months ago I found out she was famous.

I have to say I am so fucking blessed to have Pepper as 1 of my closest friends, not because she is a singer (cuz I really didn't know until a year ago), but because she is a wonderful person, and incredibly fun to hang with.

In fact, I have a copule pics of her at my friend's party on my website, message me for the address.
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so what is she up to lately? I miss her like crazy but haven't heard anything from her in ages.