stone_beautiful (stone_beautiful) wrote in peppermcgowan,

HI :)

I am Nikin.
I live in West Virginia.
I just found this community..
Awh I am so excited..
No one around here knows of her..
I first heard pepper
through a friend..
He sent me a mixed CD
of songs he thought would make me feel good.
Music is my healer.
3 years ago I lost that CD he mailed me..
Ive felt sick ever since.
With the new events in my life,
i.e. baby, relationship, ending frienships..
I feel the absence even more..
I was wondering if anyone here,
would make me some
Pepper Mcgowan CDs..
and mail them to me?
In return maybe I can make a CD for you,
or maybe do some graphic design stuff for you.
I studied graphic design.
I can make Icons. cool pictures. or edit pictures you have.

This would make my day...
You have no idea..
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